Keyless Entry Service in Martinez

Old Capitol Lock Shop is Martinez’s local leader for keyless entry system repair and installation. Our keyless entry systems are reliable, secure and user-friendly. With one quick phone call, you can book a consultation for a convenient lock system that offers total peace of mind.

For all your security needs, our expert locksmiths can assist you! Call (707) 745-5244 to book a consultation.

Electronic Door Lock Installation Service

When installing keyless entry systems in Martinez, our qualified and educated locksmiths are dedicated to bringing convenience and satisfaction to all our clients. Keyless door locks do not require a special door, door frame, or deadbolt system.

We install many different types of keyless door locks. Some use an electronic fob system that allows you to swipe to open the door. Others use a keycard. And with recent advances in smart home technology, even your smartphone can be used to unlock your door. Not to mention that smart locks also allow you to monitor who’s entering your home, at what time—in real-time.

Electronic door locks off unparalleled levels of convenience and security. Book your appointment today!

Choose a Keyless Lock System by Old Capitol Lock Shop

Keyless entries are durable and foolproof. No more worrying about getting locked out. We will gladly help you in choosing the appropriate lock that is best suited for your security needs.

Be sure to choose a keyless lock that you are comfortable operating. With a keyless entry lock, you can easily program access codes with quick add-ons and removal options. You also can monitor all activity on your property with a centralized code monitoring system.

Keyless Entry Is an Easy Security Solution

The value of creating more efficient ways to handle your security is without a doubt of importance when it comes to your lock system. The convenience that comes with a keyless entry lock systems is worth the effort it takes to make the change.

We pride ourselves on the ability to find easier ways to secure our client’s homes and vehicles. We are happy to offer advice and suggestions when choosing the type of lock that fits your needs, and that will be of most convenience to you. We can service and install the following types of keyless lock systems:

  • Smart Door Locks
  • Fingerprint Locks
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Keypad Door Locks
  • Push-Button Door Locks
  • Electronic Doorknobs
  • Security Door Locks

Trust Our Certified Locksmiths for Security Door Locks

Our locksmiths can accommodate your needs to the fullest extent. We promise reliable and honest service while delivering quality and efficient work. Our locksmiths have all undergone in-depth background checks and are trained to take safety precautions so that your property remains undamaged during installation.

Contact Us Now for the Best Keyless Entry Door Locks in Martinez

At Old Capitol Lock Shop, we understand that when it comes to security, peace of mind is of the utmost importance. Trust our reliable locksmiths to deliver quality service for all your keyless entry needs. Contact us today at (707) 745-5244!