Master Key Systems Services in Pleasant Hill

Old Capitol Lock Shop has been providing master key system services for many years. We supply all types of organizations and businesses, as well as residential customers in Pleasant Hill. Master key systems are becoming more and more popular, not only to provide residential security for homeowners, but also for commercial security requirements. Contact us today for more information on our services.

Master Key Services by Old Capitol Lock Shop

We are recognized for servicing all master key system repairs and installations in Pleasant Hill. Our services range from helping you design your master key system to providing you with immediate support in times of emergencies.

Master key systems are very complex and intricate. If you’re experiencing issues with your current system, or if you’ve lost your keys and need to rekey your whole master suite system, leave it to one of our professionals to sort it out.

Improve Your Security with a Master Key

Master locks include a wide range of key systems, including cylinders and padlocks. A master key system is comprised of different levels in a large master suite, allowing you to open several doors while only using a single key. One of the main advantages of having a master key system is that it is a very cost-effective system, as you don’t have to purchase several keys for your staff or family members.

Controlled Access with One Master Key

Master key systems offer the flexibility of controlling who can access different buildings, offices, and rooms within your property. There are various security levels in a large master suite, allowing you to control access to:

  • Grandmaster Key: This type of key opens every lock in a master suite, servicing multiple locations if needed. We often find this type of system within large organizations with multiple sites.
  • Master Key: This type of key can open every lock in one building.
  • Sub Master Key: This key allows a specific individual to access a particular section within a building.
  • Servant Key: This key can open one lock within a building.

Affordable Master Key System Installations

Our technicians can easily create master keys for all types of locks, including deadbolts, padlocks, cylinders, and cabinet locks. Our rates are very competitive, and all labor and parts of your locks are insured. There are no hidden fees or surprises with our services.

Mastey Key Installations by Certified Locksmiths

Our certified locksmith professionals have been trained to handle many types of master suite systems and their varying degree of complexity. We pride ourselves on knowing that our customers are receiving superior and durable locksmith solutions.

Contact Us Now for Expert Master Key Systems in Pleasant Hill

Need quick assistance? We have the expertise to assist you with the design and planning of your master key system. All our technicians are very knowledgeable with this particular system and would be more than happy to provide you with a solution to suit your specific needs and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Call now at (707) 745-5244!